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April 20, 2006

life is all about sharing & understanding

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for me life is all about sharing, understanding & learning. In my 30 years, i had seen lots of bigwigs in astrology, occult sciences, had done tons of related courses, participated in seminars, and people also paid me good money for consultation, even today. but somehow that level of satisfaction was always missing in me. I don't say i am satisfied with myself, but yes, more satisfied in persuing a career in internet marketing industry than getting into peoples sorrows, worries, pains and charging for the same.

Is life an experience or experiencing self.

This is a mystery for me as i keep digging the web on the internet and within me for something, i know nothing about.

Good both are endless and ever growing. 

My Story

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I just felt like sharing some things about myself. It was Jan 2005, we were planning to develop a website and were inviting quotes for programming and search engine ranking. For me at that time, search engine ranking was something, I would pay and there my website will start getting on top of the search results.

When I got the quotes for ranking above 200 thousand rupees, i decided that i cannot afford this, and lets forget the whole project. The quotation was left with some information including the term search engine optimization. That is when it all started.
I had a internet broadband connection, so started surfing for what is this search engine optimization all about. Read days and nights tiredlessly for months, subscribing for what ever news letters for SEO, downloading and testing all available seo softwares, testing on sample sites for about 1 year.

That is when I finally decided to persue a career in this & was lucky enough to get selected by one of the top internet company in my country. Now this is my second job and 3 months time and am paid double to what i started with. 

Good Afternoon

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Its Thursday afternoon in here and the time is 1208 hours. This is my introductory post and I am excited to have my own blog, where in I can share myself.

See you all soon.


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