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May 5, 2006

Seo rules or games

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I have a habit of reading all seo newsletters I get from all sources, now-a-days I find most of them say the same thing, just the language changes. Sometimes it seems like all are copying each other. Alot of buzz is about ethics in seo. Let me ask you all so called experts, what do you mean by ethics, does these search engine owners work on ethics, everybody on internet is for making money, so where does ethics / non-ethics come from. For me it is like play to win and don't get injured. The SE is your opponent and you have to beat him to reach the top. This is one question I ask to all seo experts in the market going around, circulating articles, firstly do you circulate articles for knowledge or backlinks? Can you please give me 10 words, typing them we get the best or the most relevent site on top in any search engine. If not who brought it on top, may be one of you.

So what is the buzz all about, if you have some thing to share, please do however just don't misguide for getting links and selling your tools.

blogging script

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Blogging has become an integral part of net users. Some would like to have their own personal blog on their own serve, but doesnot know where to get it done. So here are few links that I have found can help you. For a script is on microsoft website & php script software is offered by nucleus.

The choise is yours. If you are a programmer yourself then this software can help you in making one on your own by ektron.


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