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September 23, 2007

Exploring Internet Marketing

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Internet Marketing is growing. With more money pouring in the industry, corporates realizing the growing importance of Internet presence, we are in the fastest growing marketing segment.

One of the prime reasons we can identify is that marketing is all about grabbing attention and  influencing the decision. Marketing is not just fulfilling demand, its also about generating demand. Now we can see, internet occupies a lot of buyers time, marketing firms are targeting any and every online segment.

On of the prime development in Internet industry is vertical segmentation. giants like Google and Yahoo have identified the importance of providing users with various forms of searches like personalized search, image search, blog search, news search and so on and so forth. Why do we see these new developments since more marketing brains are getting in Internet, vertical marketing, targeted segmentation is growing weight.

Its more important to be present in platforms where your target audience visits then in any and every platform..

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