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July 30, 2009

Yahoo Microsoft Search Deal

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So finally an official announcement of global deal between MSN Search Engine and Yahoo.  After investing so much of money on developing the new search platform and a huge advertising spends, this is the only left business partnership for MS to justify all the investments. If Bing is not able to aquire 40% market share in the next one year, MS CEO should be on fire.

All said, it is now know that Bing platform is really an advanced version of what Google displays. Online users are expecting more now and thats where Bing will step into. The only huge difference in the search industry between Google and everyone else is its huge database, due to which you have results for almost anything you type from any corner of the world.

Yes the market is growing, so is the competition. The market share may change, slow down growth rate for some, however may not reduce overall revenues.

The way I look at internet, someone who is eying to know everything you do online is a great danger and should not be supported. Rightly even the bad guy leves the society with greater markets to grow.

Without Google there would never have been such a strong medium, market, platform spread so fast and wide. Having said that, I am in no ways a admirer or follower of Google.

Infact find YAHOO cleaner than all the other players in the market who stood by its ethicates and now has to bow down the investment pressure and rightly. ONe should not try to push the elephant all alone when there is no other backing rather open up all doors and let the energy flow.

At times to be a spectator is the best position to be in rather than a player

September 23, 2007

Exploring Internet Marketing

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Internet Marketing is growing. With more money pouring in the industry, corporates realizing the growing importance of Internet presence, we are in the fastest growing marketing segment.

One of the prime reasons we can identify is that marketing is all about grabbing attention and  influencing the decision. Marketing is not just fulfilling demand, its also about generating demand. Now we can see, internet occupies a lot of buyers time, marketing firms are targeting any and every online segment.

On of the prime development in Internet industry is vertical segmentation. giants like Google and Yahoo have identified the importance of providing users with various forms of searches like personalized search, image search, blog search, news search and so on and so forth. Why do we see these new developments since more marketing brains are getting in Internet, vertical marketing, targeted segmentation is growing weight.

Its more important to be present in platforms where your target audience visits then in any and every platform..

November 5, 2006

Microsoft again

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In 1997 we all saw Microsoft investing (US)$150 million in Apple Computer, this could be said to be the revival of Apple. Now is the turn of Linux. You would wonder what is this news doing in Internet Marketing blog. We see Google moving ahead, introducing new tools, buying Youtube and stuff like that. Such news keep pouring in. All these news say that the search engine giant is moving ahead with the technology and spreading wings.

Well here let me be very honest, I don’t like google at all. MSN struggling to compete with google and Yahoo. With this move Microsoft is also spreading wings and looking forward to where the trend is moving towards i.e. open source.

Soon in coming years we will see this agreement playing an important role in May be I am wrong and the chances are that I am foreseeing what lies beneath.

October 25, 2006

Google Search Feature “Google Co-op”

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Check this out and share your comments with me

Pankaj Jain

October 18, 2006

First Corporate Blog Directory

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For all corporate blog owners, finally a platform exclusively meant for them has evolved., first corporate blog directory also we can call it to be a corporate blog search engine.  click here for more

 Pankaj Jain


Oral Search Engine

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This could be a big leap in Internet Search Industry with a European research consortium recently getting €2.8 million boost from the EU’s research funding programme to develop a search engine that responds to questions asked orally. Once fully developed, the service will be multilingual with a focus on mobile applications so users can ask for and receive information on their mobile phones.  click here for more…

Pankaj Jain


Yahoo’s Ad Paltform known as Panama had gone live

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The much awaited Yahoo’s Ad Paltform known as Panama had gone live finally. It seems to have new features added, the most important one is ad placement will not be just based on Bids, however also from CTR (click through rate), termed as ad quality.

September 29, 2006

New Search Engine

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Try this cool new search engine, some thing new to see here

Yahoo tie up with HP

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This could turn out to be a big leap for Yahoo search Engine with Yahoo Inc team up with Hewlett-Packard Co. to plant its Internet search engine on millions of computers. What it means for Google is still to be seen, however with the fact that many of the Internet surfers use HP machines and HP to install Yahoo Search in their internet browzers, sends a strong signal in the industry. Maybe webmasters will soon see more visitors coming from Yahoo. Read more here

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