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On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Your First Step to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


We all talk about search engine optimization, its importance, value of getting ranked higher in organic listing of search engines. There are various ways professional search engine optimizers (SEO’s) use to get started with. Some may start straight with reciprocal link building for the website homepage, some may give priority to directory submission & for a few submitting the web pages to different search engines may be the first thing to get started.

These ways I come to know from the different articles I read about SEO every day. However I put my money in on pages search engine optimization to be my first step towards search engine optimization. I am not concern of how many web pages link to my web page or how many search engines have indexed my web page. For me these things come only after I know that my page is ready for the taking. This is my very first step.

Let’s get on deeper into this now. I would give you a live example for this one, have a look at this page thoroughly from an SEO point of view and then read further,Employee-Staff-HR-Management.

Here the large screenshot image that you can see was the only thing there on this page before I took this page up for optimization and there were 37 such pages in the website. Well the image did not have the 1, 2… markings that we all can see now. When you look into the right navigation panel on the page, you can see link to HR Management System under the heading HR Software. This is the only page that links to this page, i.e. the HR Software page is the parent product page. So this new design needs to talk about some features of the parent product. I strongly believe that its not just link building, it is about building relevant traffic from search engines, something I have talked about in my earlier articles.

Let’s come back here, now first I started gathering my key phrases I would want all visitors searching for them should also visit my web page. Here again my criteria was only 4 to 6 key phrases. Now before looking for these phrases I was well aware than my strong main product page is not going to provide this page a key phrase rich text link as you can see from HR-Software page. Also link building for this small considered web page is also not possible since there are other giant product pages that needed further optimization already there in the pipeline.

Here let me share something with you all, I am writing all these just because never in any articles I have read about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) did I find a live example with explanation. When we go for any educational courses, we are always given live examples, here in our case, we find experts with years of experience talking about Search Engine Optimization, free tools etc, its like either they seem to promote themselves or the company that sells SEO tools and actually not sharing. I believe this is all about sharing that could add on to the knowledge base of the reader.

So coming back, after I identified my key phrases, now the actual work on pages started. First I decided what all to have in the page, the top navigation you can see or if you missed out here is the link again click here, the right navigation, and the minimum amount of contents I would like to have. I fixed to minimum 300 words on the page. Here I divided the contents into 4 segments:

1. First paragraph for me doing SEO.
2. Second needs to talk about the screenshot image displayed.
3. Third should talk about the parent product, the page is linking from &
4. Last paragraph would talk about the company.

So all my understanding of contents was all set. I Told the content writer to get me the last 2 paragraphs, asked the people who knew thoroughly about the company product line to provide me with the 2nd paragraph and set down to organize my key phrases and build my first paragraph around them. Very importantly, all my selected key phrases for this page were completely relevant to the company product line and visitors coming from search engine looking for information through these key phrases would be more of satisfied with the relevancy of contents. These things were my priority.
So my contents were there, images were given markings according to the information provided in the 2nd paragraph. All was left was the page title, description meta tag, keyword meta tag and page headings.

Have a look at the title of the page:
“HR Management System, Employee-Staff Management Information System by iEmployee”.
Its of 80 characters, google only displays 70 so you could see other than “by iemployee” rest all would be displayed when this page title is displayed in the search engine rankings. This is very important since a surfer first reads this and then the description before clicking on the link from a search engine, infact most of the surfers just read the title of the page before clicking. Also I had 6 key phrases for this page and my title covers 4 of them completely and 2 partly. That was very good for me, in fact for any SEO.

Now have a look at the page heading, i.e. H1:
“HR-Staff Management & Information System”
. Here the two keywords more important for me are covered completely and the rest all partly.

Now see the H2 of the page:
HR-Staff Performance Management System”.
Here again top 2 key phrases of mine are taken care of and rest given a support revelance.
In the first paragraph of the page you could see my top key phrases are present and highlighted, rest all covered in the other 5 lines.

The pages are live, as you all could see, also 3 of my keywords at the time I am writing this article are ranking 1, 2 & in 6th position on our target data center of MSN. Let me add that these pages are just 1 month old and there is no link building done for the page you have seen.

This is how I go about and recommend to my SEO friends to look into when ever they start with an SEO assignment, its working for us that means would also for you.

Please feel free to mail me your comments and suggestion at:
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Pankaj J, SEO working for iEmployee


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  3. im a newbie in Search Engine Optimization and i still need to study more on internal linking. Currently, what i do on SEO is just make as many backlinks as possible.

    Comment by Marvin — November 16, 2009 @ 4:40 pm |Reply

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    Comment by Mark Bailey — December 14, 2009 @ 3:07 pm |Reply

  5. Thanks for sharing it

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  6. “Here the large screenshot image that you can see…..”

    Where is that screenshot?

    Comment by Adalah Multiple Search Engine — March 2, 2010 @ 2:36 pm |Reply

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